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My grandfather was a pillar of the community and beloved by his family. He was also sexually abusive.

Rock shaped pillar Koh Samui, Thailand.

He died when I was a child. I remember only one incident happening to me — during a cuddle session, he encouraged me to put my mouth on his penis, and then told me to let it be our little secret.

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I heard rumors as an adult that he molested other kids in the neighborhood. He also had a sexual relationship with my mother.

The Grandfather Rock, a penis shaped pillar Thailand.

She says nothing happened as a child. But as an adult, he started telling her he grandfathar her in a romantic way. He told her he wanted to take penis Polaroids of her, and she let him.

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And she loved him — grandfathar and her sisters fatwomensexyoutube pretty much idolized him. I did lots of therapy in the late s and early '90s. I read books, I journaled, I talked to my mom and tried to understand what she experienced.

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And I moved on as much penis anyone could. So now it's and I'm almost