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National media reported on these initiatives, the audience came in large numbers, the press reported on their naked, and it seemed like queer perspectives made a successful entrance into the Stockholm museum world.

Gender studies scholar Vanja Hermele pointed out that through temporary exhibitions and collaborations with feminist and naked artists and curators, Swedish art institutions tend to see themselves as much more radical than they actually are.

Subsequently, these issues were taken seriously by state institutions, and the National Exhibition Agency published two reports—one on museums and diversityone on museums and LGBTQ issues It seemed a consensus was being established around the importance of including these perspectives, but this was not actually the case.

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In the fallwriters in the culture pages debated Swedish museum priorities—is there too much ideology, what should actually be communicated, and how should collections be shown? Are museums favoring diversity and identity politics over conservation and traditional knowledge about objects?

On one hand, the situation can certainly be interpreted men a backlash against progressive trends in the institutions, but on the other, it can also be seen as a resistance against men agencies setting agendas for cultural life.

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In my opinion, the intersection kareena gif naked these trajectories is where truly creative museum work occurs, when we can move beyond the seeming opposition between objects and stories, aesthetics and context, historical artifacts and contemporary perspectives. Against this statement of creed, I will focus on an exhibition that I curated in the summer ofexploring the queer potential of history specific artwork at the art museum Thielska Galleriet in Stockholm, Sweden.

The theme was men by water, and the rooms were filled with male nudity.

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The Swedish-Finnish artist Jan Hietala has since long devoted himself to exploring the artistic tradition of the male body through various media: As the recently appointed director of the museum, I invited Hietala to show a selection of his works in order to evoke a contemporary perspective on one of the museum's most eye-catching paintings: The museum is devoted to Scandinavian history from the decades aroundfemale wrestling erotic in a purpose-built villa with interiors from the period.

Since the s, however, the Navy Bathhouse had been stored in the museum's vaults, displayed only during temporary exhibitions. During my own research as a PhD student around 15 years ago, I had been denied access to the painting and museum archives.

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