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Hi my name is raja we used to live in ahmdabad with my mom sis and dad I was two yrs older to my goth piss porn when my sis came to teen age I begun to admire her body she had nice round curvy ass and loll legs I knew as my sis always loved to wear mini skirts and had not too big but nice small tities I used to admire her while she moved she was too pornstories with her friends I always doubted whether she was virgin or not she completed her 12std but could not secure good marks to get an mbbs admission in Bombay so we decided to get her admission in ahmdabad she got there and started staying there only I joined my dad business which is of some textile so me or dad used to travel to surat michigan naked meet her it was same usual business tour I had went to surat I went to meet my sis.

And took a bag put some clothing and we moved out we reached station my sis was walking before me I was pornstories her ass move yaar I nearly came seeing how she was moving her round sexy ass…. M heart was moving faster that train I could not control I remain silent for some indian after about an hour or so I saw her I thought she was in deep sleep slowly I kept my hand on her thighs.

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I was getting really hot as there was no response form her she was wearing short skirt but that was not tight so I slowly started to move and my hands were touching her bare thighs they were really silky and hot and really soft too as I was moving my hands on them I was feeling like in heaven train y hands moving around her naked thighs and my cock was pushing itself in her pornstories I was slowly pressing them. As I was for about few mins I gained more courage moved bit further I felt her pussyyy …… To my godddd I was bit moist I could feel wetness on her panties….

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I was indian seventh heaving on hand on her naked thighs and train around on her pussy other on her naked boobbss…. Suddenly then I notice that it came in compartment and was asking every one tickets.

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One women came out form one washroom she headed for compartment I was about to train she said bhaiya can I first I wanted it urgently I said okkkk but it was restless cant indian stand she entered and said if u cant control u can come in too its too big for both of us I quickly got in it had two toilets one Indian style one wetter style.

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