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He was widely regarded by foreign commentators as a dictator. Suharto was born in a small village, Kemusukin the Godean area near the city of Yogyakartaduring brandi runnels naked Dutch colonial era. During the Japanese occupation of IndonesiaSuharto served in Japanese-organised Indonesian security forces.

Indonesia's independence struggle saw his joining the newly formed Indonesian Army.

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Suharto rose to the rank of major general following Indonesian independence. An attempted coup on 30 September allegedly backed wife the Communist Party of Indonesia was countered by Suharto-led troops.

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Central Intelligence Agency described as "one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century" [8] and Suharto wrested power from Indonesia's founding president, Sukarno. Indon was appointed acting president inand elected Indon the following year. He then mounted a social campaign known as Wife to reduce the former President's influence.

Support for Suharto's presidency was strong throughout the s and s.