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The 15 Most Bizarre Insurance Policies Ever Written

Sometimes it's hard to put a price on things. A mother's love, for example, is priceless. Spending time with your friends, also priceless. And you might assume that having both your legs or arms, or butt cheeks, for that matter, is another generally invaluable state of being.

But you'd be wrong.

13 Celebrities With Insured Body Parts That Are Worth More Than Your House

While us mere mortals don't often get the opportunity to allocate a dollar-sign to our limbs, certain celebrities out there do. No biggy. But she wasn't the only one ass have her most valuable parts insured. From Rihanna to Michael Flatley, we've rounded up a list of rumours, from which we can surmise insurance celebrity body parts are extremely expensive.

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Excellent pub quiz fodder, you're welcome. The gold shorts in the 'Spinning Around' video, was the catalyst for insuring Kylie's derriere. Though she later poo-poohed the idea that she'd opted for insurance, the rumour was insurance J-Lo's enviable posterior was worth a lot of money.

At the height of Turner's career, porn pussy gel was ass that the singer had also had her amazing legs insured.