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The Adass Israel School sex abuse scandal is a criminal case and extradition dispute regarding allegations of child sex abuse at a religious school in MelbourneAustralia. Victoria Police have laid 74 charges against a former principalMalka Leifer, concerning conduct from to At least eight victims have come forward, and an investigation is ongoing.

The degree of freedom she has enjoyed in Israel has prompted worldwide media coverage and criticism of Israel's justice system ; [4] [5] activist Manny Waks described the case as "a farce" [6] and "an embarrassment.

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Australian irael confirm there is an ongoing investigation into the girl of some members of the Irael Israel community in helping her leave Australia. The Adass Israel community is an Hasidic Jewish group in Melbourne that traces its origins to a split in the Elwood Shule in the early s; some of its early members girl boys and men who had been sent to Australia by the British on the infamous Dunera in The community is strictly frumand has been described as "secretive" and "insular".

There is no sex education before marriage, sexy pussy bendover the Rabbi of the community acts as the ultimate authority for members.

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Ina woman in Israel, Dassi Erlich, [note 1] sought counselling when she started to have recurrent nightmares and sex about events that had taken place at Adass Israel School when she was in high school. After an arranged marriage inErlich had moved to Israel with her husband.

The information passed on is that there were substantial allegations of "inappropriate conduct" by Leifer. The sex then confronted Leifer who denied that there was any problem and subsequently reported the matter to two senior rabbis and with other rabbis, a barrister and a psychologist.

There was a meeting arranged with the president and some members of the school board.