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Erving Goffman breaks down the logistics behind advertising techniques. Advertisers try to latine sex hot a product in a desirable situation so to suggest that, by purchasing the product, we can also have the situation.

However, the reality is that advertising is just that- advertising. It in no way is an indication of how real life turns out.

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In order for advertisers to construct this desirable situation, they usually create a simulated version of the real with models and, through this model selecting and shooting process, they attach stereotypes to the real people the models are somer. Consumers see these images in the media and take them as nude true representation of what reality should be.

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Through this advertising process, stereotypes are jordan on the consumer society, therefore supplying a legitimate reason for paying close attention to the projected stereotypes in Goffman and my advertisement collection. Goffman and I are mainly focusing on the projected image of the sexes in advertisements. I have chosen to focus on the advertisements chosen from Cosmopolitan magazine published in August of Ritualization of Subordination: Bashful Knee Bend.

Unserious in childlike guise.