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In a string of leaked nude photos, it is hard to get surprised about the news of yet another celebrity who had photos leaked onto the Internet. It seems as though every week or so, there is a new sex scandal or new photos that pop up of the celebrities who we know and love…. She is best known for her roles in Django Unchained and Scandal.

Kerry Washington NUDE Pics [leaked]

Several nude photos were somehow taken off her cellphone and were posted to a few different celebrity gossip websites this week. Luckily for you african xxx nudes out there, we have them all gathered here for you!

Once the naughty images were uploaded to the first site, they spread like wildfire and can be viewed on dozens of websites now. The set of five photos of the year-old actress from New York were allegedly taken for her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha. For many celebrity females kerrywashingtonnaked got their naked photos hijacked this way, it has been eye-opening to lock your shit down better with more security.

Kerry Washington Nude Photos & Videos Leaked

There are many debates rising about whether or not leaking photos is a privacy issue or if the public have the right to see the photos. Kerry Washington has yet to comment on the situation. That just means more eyeballs checking out kerrywashingtonnaked private kerrywashingtonnaked photos.