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Lesbian Couple Assaulted And Robbed By Homophobic Teens On London Bus

April is Sexual Assault Lesbian Month. This month is a reminder that through a combination of stigma and myths, sexual assault in the LGBT community is often rendered invisible or dismissed outright, despite CDC statistics that show the sexual assault rate for LGBT individuals is comparable or higher than the sexual assault rate for heterosexual individuals.

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Approximately 1 in 8 lesbian women assault nearly half of bisexual women experience rape in their lifetime, and statistics likely increase when a broader definition of lesbian assault is used. Nearly half assault bisexual men and four in ten gay men have experienced sexual violence other than rape in their lifetime, and though statistics regarding rape vary, it is likely that the rate is higher or comparable to heterosexual men. As with most hate-based violence, transgender individuals are sex most likely to be affected in the LGBT community.

Until recently, intra-community sexual assault went largely unacknowledged, particularly for women who have sex with women.

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Moreover, we are only just now beginning to de-stigmatize the idea that sex are male survivors of sexual assault, including gay and bisexual men. Part of the problem is that populations that are hypersexualized by society, including people of color and the LGBT communityare victimized by a rape culture that tells those assaulted they are responsible for their sexual assaults.

Prevalence of sexual assault victimization among heterosexual and gay/lesbian university students.

LGBT people must also face the specter of hate violence in the form of sexual assault. This and other violence occurs both inside and outside the prison system, but comprehensive legislation to protect against sexual violence in prison has finally been implemented.

The Prison Rape Big cocked tranny Actor PREA, is a big step toward reducing sexual violence in prisons and jails, but activists must fight ensure compliance with the regulations, and advocate for their expansion to immigration detention centers which remain unprotected.