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Lesbian class

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By Bailey Carpenter January 31, A spots after sex class, and now professor, at American River College, Susan Howe, has created a safe haven for all LGBTQ students on campus, while giving them the opportunity to earn college credits. She enjoyed reading case studies about diversity in everyday life.

The Lesbian Revolution and the 50-Minute Hour: A Working Class Look at Therapy and the Movement

Howe saw a connection between case studies and fictional characters in books she was reading, so she changed her major to English. Fliers were made and put up in the fall to promote the class, and Howe also asked English professors to spread the word. Enrollment was pornsexorgasm at first, but on the first day class class, lesbian students showed up to keep the class alive.

Howe plans to teach the class in upcoming years. The class will be offered only once every other year and will be offered lesbian in Spring Nikkita Erickson, a fourth-year English major at ARC, decided to take this class because it seemed interesting to her.

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The course covers different works of literature dating from B. The purpose of the course is to give students a brief history of the LGBTQ community and how it is expressed through literature.

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