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She has some racy lingerie and bikini modeling photos on the web already but no nudes and no topless shots until this leak The attachment contained topless and semi-nude photos of the Busty Singaporean in a bathtub and shower. I think all these topless pics were taken by her boyfriend or her lover because the set look a bit more intimate than her modeling photos.

And she does seem very proud of her body in these leaked topless photos.

Li Ling / Wai Wai nude

She willing posed nude in many positions for the camera with her female zelda naked boobs enhanced with the finest naked front and center. The cosmetic surgery enhanced Li Ling Ling is Chinese and a full-time banker for the Singaporean division of a major American bank.

She work as a public relation manager for the bank and sometimes she freelance as a ling model part-time.


When modeling she prefers to be called Bustysingaporean. Isn't it obvious why she has this name? Something tell me she also love the attention of the wondering eyes of men she come across everyday.

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