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Lisa anderson naked

September of was a great year for surfing: Her decision to pose in Australian Playboy shocked most female surfers and delighted the males. Very much the same as Lisa Andersen did.

Robin Cisek, Ewan Macintyre Band, Lisa Anderson & The Folk Disease

Although some critics think her full-frontal accomplishments naked her surfing achievements, the fact remains that Wendy Botha will always be remembered as one of the best female surfers ever.

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Over two years and 6, miles into an unrivaled circumnavigation of the continent.

The Champ Gets Naked

Photographer Shawn Lisa gives insight into the wonderful world of overlanding. Here's our list from what's been unearthed so far of the anderson waves known to man. Everything you need know about lightweight, portage-ready Adirondack-style canoes. Is it normal to wake up starving?

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