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After Naima Alia Shawkat and Sergio Laia Costa meet-cute at a lesbian bar, the women decide to forgo the traditional duration of a courtship, where days separate dates and each would worry about texting back too soon. Instead, they opt for a marathon date — including sex every 60 minutes — to condense the normal getting-to-know-each-other time into just 24 hours.

They devote themselves to the concept, battling fatigue, a lack of privacy and newly discovered quirks in their quest to speed up the early stages loveinsexy a romance. Naima and Sergio speed through phases of a relationship in their loveinsexy together, blitzing through milestones like loveinsexy fights and meeting pubert sex parents.

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As sexually open as it is, the film is also emotionally vulnerable. Having a woman as a co-writer Shawkat brings a perspective that may have been lacking if loveinsexy film about two females, who are surrounded by almost solely women for much of the movie, were written by a man only. Costa is all wide eyes and quivering lips, relaying each emotion Sergio feels with appropriate abandon for the character.

Shawkat has the tougher role as Naima, the more guarded partner of the pair. And while its loveinsexy might make it seem like the ideal date movie, its romantic struggles make this better solo or friends viewing, for the sake of your relationship. Follow along with all our Tribeca Film Festival coverage here.