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Drag Queens.

The Black Madonna and Nastia react against Vakula's misogynistic EP artwork

Porn Stars. A to Z Listers. And Francois Sagat channeling Madonna Bound to be a camp romp of a read, Loverboy is bursting onto the magazine scene with an unapologetically flamboyant and fabulous cover. The ever first issue luan hill porn see super hunky adult movie star Francois Sagat paying homage to the ultimate Material Girl Madonna.

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Riding on the wave of recent nostalgia, hunky Sagat channeled early s Madge complete madona peroxide hair and beauty spot. The muscular porn star added: LOL, pornstar joking…". Madona known for his roles in homosexual erotica, Francois has pornstar made it into the mainstream media with acting roles in horror film Saw VI and has often played muse to high fashion photographers. He said: By Nicole Morley.

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