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The FreeTheNipple campaign nude football game bringing out the best and worst in sissor sex position in recent years, with a GOP bill in New Hampshire that's trying to ban women's nipples now on the naughty list.

There are actually quite a few states where it's OK for women to go toplessNew Hampshire included currently, at least ; however, if passed, this new bill would qualify bare breasts and nipples in public as indecent exposure and lewdness maxico the one exception being women who are breastfeeding.

How generous of them! Policing women's bodies is nothing new, but the gross double standard of the acceptance of male nipples and maxico rejection breast female ones never ceases to amaze me.


Nipples are nipples. Who cares?

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It's not just a matter of legally accepting the female body. We've already seen how our lack of cultural acceptance manifests for women openly breastfeeding in public.

Despite the fact that we've sexualized the female body for decades, many people still cringe at a woman performing one nude the most natural acts in the universe: Nourishing her offspring. If New Hampshire disappoints us and ends up banning public exposure of breast golden globes, where else can we go? Here are 31 places in the United States that will happily welcome you and your twins.

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Big, giant disclaimer: Always check state and local city laws yourself to confirm how they'll feel about your chesticles before you go parading with your lady bits exposed to the world — and you might want to consult with an attorney while you're at it.

Toplessness for women might only be permitted in certain cities, or on certain resorts, or in certain circumstances for each state; it sucks, and it's exactly that nude standard that movements like FreeTheNipple are trying to address, but we still can't just go around breaking the law willy-nilly.