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Mcdonald s analysis

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McDonalds is the world's largest fast food restaurant chain and is ranked as ninth on the world's most valuable brands as at May Forbes McDonalds is currently undergoing a comeback after a decline in sales McDonalds a. McDonalds is the second largest restaurant chain in the world with 36, restaurants in countries giving it a strong market share and financial strength. It is a worldwide analysis and is a sponsor of international sporting events, such as the football World Cup and the Olympics, which has made its brand highly recognisable and valuable in terms of its coverage McDonalds a.

Whilst there are some national and regional differences in its menu, McDonalds has high levels of standardisation mcdonald seek to ensure that the product and service are of the same levels wherever a customer is in the world.

SWOT analysis of McDonald's (5 Key Strengths in 2019)

This is assisted by strict standards for food preparation which is part of the staff training and development for both company owned and franchised stores McDonalds a; BBC News McDonald's menu is quite complex and covers a wide range of analysis, including some with a very high fat content. Despite introducing a lower fat range, McDonalds have been criticised for continuing to serve high fat, high calorie products and enabling customers to increase the size of a meal McDonalds b.

The franchise scheme can also mean that there are differing levels of service mcdonald McDonalds' outlets, which may impact on the brand. In addition to this, the magna nude girls maintenance at the older restaurants have impacted on operations, which has slowed down service.