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Mega milk naked

Anime cosplay - Mega Milk

This picture is not bakuganxxxporn for people under Mega 09 Cover Girl. Lunar Toy Store Manga-Mafia.

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In stock Neokyo Buy on Japanese marketplaces through Neokyo: Does anyone know if she has a vagina? I received her yesterday, naked despite what everyone says, she does not look bad. Yes, I know people's main complaints are her neck size and how she doesn't match the original artwork, but I for one, don't care.

Aside from all that, there are some things that surprised me. For starters, her breasts are quite large for her build -- bigger than what I thought they would be, especially from the right angle. Next, you don't have to remove the figure's head for once to remove clothing or the like.

Undyne - Megamilk Nude -

That's pretty good. Finally, the bandage on her vagina is just a sticker. That's one of the things that threw me out my mind on buying this one. Milk at first thought the sticker was integrated. Thank God it wasn't.