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The Bugle Index Page

A group of hardcore Buglers decided one day to go through each Bugle and list down the memorable jokes, phrases, puns, and moments of the Bugle. Now this dream is becoming a reality. After the list of recurring jokes and characters, there is a summary of each issue of jewish man pornstar Bugle.

This area needs work - nude Bugle issues are still unaccounted for and we are told it's not safe for them to be out there on their own.

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If you find any lost Bugles, shivering in an alleyway looking cold and alone, try to bring them home safe. But remember the 3 basic Bugle Safety Rules: Do not expose Bugles or Bugle hosts to sunlight, for they are pasty and British and therefore fear the sun, 2.

Do not feed facts to a Bugle keigh midnight, it gives melissa rumbly tummies, 3. Do not ask John to complete the Audio Cryptic Crossword. Week beginning Monday 15th October