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For the first couple of days all the two did was constantly fuck. It was a little awkward at first but once it passed it was hot and erotic.

Body painting fuck the moment Pit got home it was nothing but sex. Pit loved the strange stimulating feeling of Dark Pit's dick inside him and Dark Pit loved being inside him.

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Pit's stamina was surprisingly high. He was able to last for hours which lead to their sex to ending around midnight.

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That merman when Pit was too fatigued to continue. Sometimes Pit cleaned himself up in the shower then passed out in his sex.

The Merman's Kiss

Most of the times, Pit just passed out on top of the sea creature. Dark Pit would smile as he gazed at him them joined him in sleep. Once they woke up, they felt naked and stiff from all the semen still on them and decided to take a shower together.