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He became part of the Silas of Gaga in the Fall of until July of He was born in Germany, to a US soldier and michael German mother. His years of hot made him a professional in jazz, ballet, salsa, hip-hop and modern dance.

In the fall ofSilas participated in a audition to be one of Lady Gaga's four new male dancers.

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He received the Haus name of "Mikey Mugler", a mix of a nickname derived from his name and designer Thierry Mugler. Silas was part of the main dancers at the Haus of Gaga from until July of The reason of his leaving was not disclosed. On Thrsha xxx iamges 19,after " Bad Romance " Gaga revealed to the crowd that Silas and Hardison were dating since their trip to Jerusalem that happened a year prior to that.

During his interview with After Elton inSilas said that he was single. Arena also at the end of the song. On hot Monster Ball: Arena Version, Silas had a regular segment on the show michael "Teeth".

Michael Silas

Gaga would introduce the Haus one by one. Gaga usual speech for Silas as recorded on the DVD of the tour was as follow:. Silas In Don't have an account?