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Milk the dick

Top definition. The Milk unknown. When your semen is very thinSo thin it is puking sex pictures a liquid milk its wholesome enough to serve to someone as a drink.

What does dick milk mean?

Sherry dick know this but I actually slipped some dick milk in her cup. Its hard to notice it but she isn't actually drinking a vanilla milk shake. The stuff that your sperm is in. Someone got Dick Milk on my peanut butter!

How to milk your man's prostate

Someone got Dick Milk on my chocolate! Dick Milk sex. The milky white substance that comes out of a penis during the climaxusually during sex or masturbation.

It's also known as Sperm, Ejaculationand Cum. Try harder When your infant is thirsty and the mother is not around, have your child suckle on the cap of your urethrauntil the child is no longer thirsty. Goo goo ga ga Me: If only your mother hadn't passed away.