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Mobile pornhub hack

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Pornhub is clean again after a mobile brush with a digital disease earlier this hack. The malware abused Traffic Junky, a digital advertising service that Pornhub uses to display ads on its site, and presented users with a fake prompt to update their Google Chrome browser or other software, pornhub Adobe Flash Player.

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When users went to download that file, they unwittingly downloaded malware. As naked asian penis as Proofpoint discovered the virus at the hack of October, the firm notified Pornhub and Traffic Junky, whom the researchers pornhub were quick to snuff out the problem.

Kovter isn't necessarily going to ruin your life, mobile it's a very annoying thing to have on your computer.

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Wheeler said all those invisible sessions can cause sluggish web browsing and slow down your computer overall, and jam up your internet bandwidth. This problem is quite pervasive and definitely not limited to pornographic sites. The problem is, it's not exactly easy to get rid of once you've got it.

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Wheeler said Kovter is "notoriously difficult to detect. This particular chain of malware has been active for over a year, Wheeler said. There's no telling which website was the first to get it, but he said Proofpoint estimates the problem is "quite widespread" and effects millions of internet users.