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Nude pics of Molly Holly Ah, the joys of sleep deprivation. I think I'll go to some deserted place, devoid of contact with the outside world. The new Dana Carvey movie sounds like it will provide the perfect opportunity.

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It was kinda funny, a lotta people figured he was destined for movie superstardom after he left SNL, but thus far all his solo efforts have competed for space on the bottom of the discount bin, along with such luminaries as "Ernest Goes To The Proctologist.

There is no shame in letting somebody else carry you to greatness.

Make the call. Chyna is doing another autograph session,this time at a truck and tractor pull. Boy, you sure showed ol' Vince,eh? Maybe next she'll do dinner theatre with Jamie Farr. A tv reporter makes a comment that this "Will give wrestling fans actress ass naked to do in between watching wrestling matches.

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