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Instagram recently suspended mom account of someone now known as Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom her naked is actually Amy.

Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom Says That Photo Was Not Staged

So, breast-feeding moms, here we go again. Listen, when I had a newborn, I was transformed overnight from a modest, cardigan-wearing, old-lady-bathing suit-advocate into a public boob-flasher.

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I didn't mean for it to go that way, it three pregnant nude kind of does when you're breastfeeding a child who doesn't care to hide under a blanket while nursing and likes to leave the house every once in a while. I was not posting pictures of breastfeed doing naked breastfeeding yoga, though.

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You know why? Because I would wobble and fall and crush my baby.

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Have you ever done a headstand in yoga? Have you ever breastfed a baby? Both of these things are really difficult!