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She was cooking dinner while her 3-year-old son, Isaac, watched videos on the YouTube Kids app on an iPad. When Ms. The vehicle hurtled into a light pole and burst into flames. In the video Isaac watched, some characters died and one walked off a roof after being hypnotized by a likeness of a doll possessed by a demon. Burns, a nurse, who credits the app with helping Isaac to learn colors and letters before other boys his age.


Parents and children have flocked to Google-owned YouTube Kids since it astronaut sex introduced in early But the app contains teen fotos pornos corners, too, as videos naked are disturbing for children slip past its filters, either by mistake or because bad actors have found ways to fool the YouTube Kids algorithms.

In recent months, parents like Ms.

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Burns mother complained that their children have babesporngif cartoo videos with well-known characters in violent or lewd situations and other clips with disturbing imagery, sometimes set to nursery rhymes. When videos are uploaded to YouTube, algorithms determine whether or not they are appropriate for YouTube Kids. The videos are continually monitored after that, Mr. Parents are also encouraged to report inappropriate videos, which someone at YouTube then manually reviews, he said.