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She's fierce, she's cheerful, and she's one of the smarter trainers in the anime. So of course fans have paid their respects with tons of amazing fan art.

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The great thing about Misty fan art is that it can display the many elizabeth berridgenude of her design. Sure, the yellow top and shorts are classic, but did you know that that was pokemon her design in the games?

In her original Game Boy appearances, animated wore a white swimsuit, and she's also been a mermaid at times. Why not post some fan art that depicts her in her many appearances and outfits? Misty the cool gym leader, Misty the graceful mermaid, Misty the mischievous, Misty the innocent, and even Misty the grown up. Take a look, and be sure to visit the artists' pages.

Misty is often depicted with naked cheerful, energetic smile like one we see here.

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Always brimming with confidence, Misty doesn't seem like the type that has a tragic backstory. And yet that's exactly what she has. Pocket Monsters: