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Friend recommended bamboo bankok and it was an amazing experience.

Farang girl strolls around Soi Nana naked in broad daylight (VIDEO)

Very professional therapist and An amazing place for massage in Bangkok. Excellent Service and helpful staff.

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Will definitely come It was a weekdays afternoon, the Spa was not busy. They guided us to a big room girls hot sucking on one inside at the time we arrived.

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Since the oil massage needs to be naked, we thought staff would girls the need of privacy. I got a bed closer to the main door and naked used only curtains to separate beds.

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But my therapist came in and out and there was a large gap between curtains which can see from the outside corridor to my bed thru the main door. I reminded the therapists for a few times to close the curtain tight whenever I put off the cover she placed on my eyes.

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To my horror, I heard people came in including men came in our room in the midway of massage.