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Naked edmonton gorks

Naked Girls Reading.

Boobs and books: Naked Girls Reading coming to Edmonton

The name of this new entertainment experience, coming to Naked in May, gorks up a lot of questions. Who are these girls? Why are they naked? What are they reading? What is this all about? NGR began in Chicago in Local upclosepussypictures Allure got involved after attending her first NGR event earlier this year.

NGR, however, was something she had never seen before. Anyone can do it.

AUGUST IS CONSTRUCTION MONTH! We are upgrading to bring even more awesome-ness to the platform!

Allure hopes to be a reader herself sometime in the future, but for now, she will act as organizer and host. She plans to host readings on a regular basis, each with its own theme. Allure has plans for edmonton featuring banned books, fairy tales, and she hopes to invite an ASL interpreter for Deaf Awareness Week.