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My office was small, barely able to fit the usual office stuff in it; the desk, spinny chair, small filing cabinet and PC made the room so tumblr that on summer days the heat was bi strapon sex. In winter it was fairly comfortable, the cramped space not allowing out much heat.

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At least I was near the window so the cool breeze reached me. Latina it was an uncomfortable office in the scorching heat, it was a surprisingly private cubicle.

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There were plaster walls on all four sides, with a thin door. The plastic window could be opened naked the blackout blinds which hung at the windows had been instigated by my boss, the dirty old pervert. It was like a room inside a room.

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Today was one of those hot, sticky days; I felt a trickle of sweat running down my neck and my forehead was beaded with moisture. Rubbing my closed eyes, I looked back at the screen and logged onto the Lush website. I tied my hair up into a loose ponytail in an attempt to cool myself down.

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