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Did anyone go to the farmer's market this week? What did trash get and what is seasonal now where you live? Can't wait to hear! I love many things, but walking through belinda s pussy farmer's man every Saturday is up there. It also helps me to be spontaneous when it comes to cooking and creative using the ingredients I find to make my meals for the week.

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It keeps naked fresh! Living in Paris taught me the value of fresh bread which never comes in packaging. I buy a baguette and, since I trash alone, will cut it up to store in a beeswax wrap or I'll slice it and freeze it to reheat in my oven for breakfast or with dinner. One baguette or loaf of bread will get me through the whole week but since fresh bread will get hard, the beeswax wraps or freezing techniques are perfect for ensuring I make the most of my bread purchase!

Do you have any man storage techniques that you love?

hymen pussu

Feeling grateful naked have such a beautiful famers market where I can buy my produce without plastic or packaging each week. I always opt for the unpackaged section and bring my own bags. Sometimes that means taking a bit more time to wash my greens and my veggies when I get home from the store, but I do that anyway when I store my produce, so I feel great knowing that I have fresh produce and am not contributing waste or plastic to landfill in the process!

Plus, I've noticed that unpackaged produce is often less expensive than packaged, especially with items like greens!