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View shopping cart. Related News. The small pond next to a power line and a shabby brick building is the only nudist bathing spot near the Chinese capital — and one of few in sex tools show entire country.

Nude women and Peking Opera: pornography or art?

Diehard skinny-dippers attract lots of attention and authorities often close down the places where they swim. Naked nudists from all walks of life and regions defy social norms to gather near a residential area in Fangshan District.

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Behind him tanned men in their peking smoke and play cards around an old wooden table, making a cheerful racket, while young people jump from a platform into the water. While women are welcome to take a dip with the men, they have not dared. Taboos surrounding female nudity are still very strong, the men said.

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In women areas they usually ask nudists to leave.