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You'd the think title says it all. In fact, its straightforward logic is what got me through the door: While the premise might sound like a perfect night in, I was less convinced that two hours of it at Quixotic World would be an altogether entertaining Friday evening.

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I should have given those gals more credit. Anyone who has been to even the most rudimentary burlesque show knows that the art is not about "nudity" so much as "getting there" in a lighthearted and teens pleasurable manner.

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Caitlin Fuck island distinguishes between capitalistic, dead-behind-the-eyes stripping and the effervescent transcendence of burlesque by writing that "burlesque clubs feel like a place for girls I was no burlesque virgin, so why did I expect Naked Girls Reading to consist of a dour set, involving no humor, creativity or interaction with the crowd?

Well, probably because the Dallas set was wildly different than what I'd read about other cities' incarnations. Naked reality, Friday's show was innovative, naked and intellectual -- things not typically associated with "nakedness" or "girls. Any woman who has been so fortunate as to have a man ask her thoughts on Platonic Dualism mid-coitus will appreciate the crash-of-lightning premise upon which Naked Girls Reading is built.

Any man who notices the blood rushing from his head at the wistful thought of his high school English teacher will understand as well. Among the talent onstage Friday evening -- and by talent, I truly mean it -- there was a published author who regaled the crowd with a just-penned, original short story, Saint martin nude Dirty Blonde ; a Neil Gaiman loving redhead with the dalas of a college professor and the reading voice of an angel, Angi B.

Lovely ; a bilingual German fetishist with the dry impromptu wit reminiscent of toples hola girl buxom Mark Twain, Courtney Crave ; a thickly-brogued sexpot with a wicked sense of bawdy Teens humor, Bonnie Lou; and the show's producer, a Dallas burlesque institution, with a larger than life personality who -- despite its grating popular use -- understands the actual definition of "pun," The Black Mariah.

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