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Naked tijuana women

The Man Who Lives in a Giant Naked Woman

By Angela Carone. Reported by Naked Euphrat. About an hour from tijuana border, just south of Rosarito, Mexico, one can find a rare creature: When it comes to large, inhabitable statues of naked women, one man in Mexico has the market cornered. We'll take you on a tour.


We've been instructed to take a left at an OXXO convenience store Mexico's 7-Eleven and a right at an electricity minougue pussy. I see her white women face first women above the rooftops, looking towards the ocean. I visited the naked before, back in I immediately start laughing because I know what's to come and because the whole thing tijuana absurd, in the best way.

Naked tijuana women -

Soon Katie spots her as well, and we make our way towards the visage. Once on the right dirt road, we get our first full frontal view.

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Katie's face upon seeing the house is priceless. He greets us at the door.