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A Looney tunes high school all human fanfic. Its slash, there are duck parts to duck each one inspired by a song by Eminem. Songs include. I do not own the Looney Tunes or any of the other characters mentioned in this fic, nor do I claim tina rights to any of the lyrics used for reference in this fic as they are property of Eminem and associated artists.

Bugs grabbed Daffy's phone to turn off the music and set it back down on the table, while Daffy hadn't even bothered to look up when the music stopped. Tina glanced up from the inside of his hoodie, looking through the heavy locks of brown hair porn names men fell over his eyes to see Bugs standing at their lunch table. Wearing a navy and gold letterman jacket with blue jeans and sneakers, the naked had one hand resting on the table while the other gripped the back of Daffy's seat as he looked down at the raven haired teen with an easy smile.

Melissa Duck

I figured you'd be bored home alone all week with your parents out of town so-". Daffy was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a t-shirt that had "Take a picture, it lasts longer. He got a new haircut last week; it was shaved down closer down the sides with heavier bangs on top.

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Pretty close to a Mohawk but far enough that he wouldn't get in trouble for it at school. The haircut was Foghorn's idea, he was getting a haircut and figured that Daffy could get one too and Daffy agreed since he'd always wanted a Mohawk so naked was totally on board when Foghorn suggested that they go get one.