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Naked toddler standing

By Natalie Musumeci.


March 19, An Illinois preschool hot spandex shorts was put on paid administrative leave following accusations that the educator forced youngsters to strip and stand naked in a closet as punishment, according to local reports. And a second teacher was also placed on paid administrative leave for allegedly witnessing the inappropriate actions and not reporting them, CBS affiliate KMOV-TV reported. Schmoll said that out of the 20 students in the class, four of them were forced to take off their clothes.

Illinois police: Kids forced to stand in closet naked as punishment

The teacher, 26, whose identity was not released, had been carrying out the bizarre form of punishment since early February, but police were only notified about it last week, according to the news outlet. Another parent, Marquis Ginger, said: According to police, the naked accused of making the children fuckinggranniespornpics naked has been with the Head Start program standing three years.

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The second teacher who landed in hot water as a toddler of the incident is 41 and has been working for the program for the past five years. Read Next.

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