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Elizabeth Nolan Brown 4. Just when you think the misguided war on teen sexuality nonude get any sillier … Missouri law enforcement is serving cloud-storage site Dropbox with a search warrant for an account used by area teens suspected of sexting. The cops were called to Missouri's Joplin High School earlier this week after school officials heard rumors that students were sharing nude photos via phones and Dropbox.

Students May Face Felony for Sexting | Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

According to local news station KY3the cops interviewed students and sexting some of their cell phones. And what did they find? No pics.

With just a little more privacy infringement, they're certain they can turn up some nude teen photos. From KY3: No arrests have been dr shlessinger nude, but the Cyber Crime Task Force nonude in Sexting is only beginning their investigation.

Police are sending a search warrant to Dropbox so they can stop further access to the images and determine whether any minor students are indeed depicted in the photos.