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Its latest effort: The nude has rolled out a banner ad that displays a topless model — boobs, nipples and a tantalizing unzipping of her top. Of course, American Advertisements has attracted attention for some time now, with its open embrace of sex as an integral part of its brand image. The nude ads are currently displayed on only two blogs- Debauchette and Reverse Cowgirl — both of which deal with sex and neither of which have had any advertising on them before look on the right of either site for the banner ads or scroll to the bottom of this post.

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The company is also talking to other publishers who might be amenable to running the ads. The attention the new campaign nude attracting online is exactly what American Apparel wants.

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Provocative advertising is their artillery. Charney is currently being sued for wrongful termination and has also been accused of keeping nude pictures of female employees on his computer, something Holiday was quick to point out was for business reasons — the employee also happened to be a model for American Apparel.

Is American Apparel worried about a backlash against advertisements new ads? What happened to the American Apparel that mature hump images about sustainability?

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