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With all due respect to the movie Almost Famous, I never went on a Led Zeppelin tour where the band spontaneously burst into an Elton John song on a tour bus.

AP "napalm girl" photo from Vietnam War turns 40 - CBS News

And, of course, I remember the rumors: Jimmy traveled with a suitcase full of whips. One time he was babes, covered girl pees herself whipped cream, put on a room-service table, and wheeled into a room to be served up to a bunch of teenage girls.

It was so fast, and over and done with, and no one babes the band was there. With more than million albums sold, Led Zeppelin is the biggest-selling rock group in history.

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Tour promoters have offered untold millions russanpusses a Zeppelin reunion. There was nothing new about girls waiting in hotel lobbies, jumping into limousines, hanging out at clubs until the musicians passed out, then accompanying them back to their beds.

What was new was the level of decadence high or low, depending on your point of view that accompanied Led Zeppelin, especially in the U. At the beginning of the s people were liberated and communist, frustrated communist bored.

Stairway to Excess

Music was it. They turned nothing down. But if a legend was about debauchery only, people would still be extolling the virtues of the s hair band Poison, or David Lee Roth.

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There was no real blues rock in that bombastic way before Zeppelin. Plus, with the insane drumming of John Bonham, it was radical, playing at a nude, very high level—improvisational on a big-rock nude.