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Log in Register Your Wanderlust 0. From chocolate therapy in the capital city, Tallinn to smelly mud baths in the beautiful town of Haapsalu, these are the spa nude on offer in Estonia In the late 90s I lived for a while in Estonia.

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While the countryside was peaceful and covered with a forest rumoured to be growing faster than it could be chopped down, Tallinn — estonian capital — was under the same pressures as any other post-Soviet metropolis. One way of estonian was to visit Dorrit, a local masseuse who was convinced that her dead Doberman had been reincarnated in the form of her new poodle. She would punctuate her massages with comments such as: I could not find Dorrit on my recent visit to Estonia, but her spirit lives on.

Baltic water and sea mud were deemed essential cures for anything from rheumatism to insomnia to inflammation of the sexual organs, and the habit of a restorative sojourn duly took off.

Locations of Nude Beaches by Country

In the Soviet years there were health spas for politburo members, KGB men and prize-winning Beach factory workers who strained and blistered their way through an entire year for a brief but prestigious bout of relaxation. The spa culture seems an extension, too, of the Estonian outdoor life. Accounts from the 19th century and between the wars describe a country still largely in existence today: But if these customs tropical xxx unchanged, the spas themselves nude going through a slick modernisation, part of an equally traditional Estonian rage to be ruthlessly up-to-date in what they know they do well.

A Soviet austerity has, in many places, been jettisoned for a New Beach ambience of scented candles, essential oils and dolphin music. Any visit to Estonia, for health reasons or otherwise, will doubtless begin in Tallinn.

Chocolate therapy, like many faddish things, is gaining a reputation in Estonia, and locals I told about it were wistful and curious.

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