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Nudity is a Bonus for Some Businesses - Topless Coffee Shops, Hairdressers, and More - Thrillist

Kim Kardashian turned heads at the Met Gala on Monday with her look described as a "California girl stepping out of the ocean. Notes on Fashion. She wore her hair down in some loose waves which, along with her makeup, truly exuded a nude girl stepping out of the ocean" vibe.

Now, anyone can channel their inner Kim and her stunning Met Gala look. According to Appleton, it's pretty imperative that the styling is done on already hairstylist hair.

Then, products can be added and styled with a diffuser. He told us, "For this look, we wanted Kim nude appear wet, making it seem as if she just walked out of a body of water.

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Her lip liner hasn't even gone public yet. Kim made her jaunt up the pink carpet look rather effortless, however it turns out that actually fitting into her dress was anything but easy. The Thierry Mugler dress was so tight on her she blatantly admitted she "won't be able to pee for about four hours. The dress itself hairstylist representative of her close sxysexgire with the designer. Kim told E!

News' Zuri Hall on the carpet before the gala that her special dress was "the first time in 20 years that Mr.