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It was then that the year-old revealed the sought-after footage has been stored away in a filing cabinet since his father died in at age While we were talking, he just mentioned casually that he had the famous nude scene that people thought was destroyed, that was long speculated about. It was one of the things that I was unable to uncover for the book. The love scene called for Monroe to be in bed as Gable walks into the bedroom to kiss her.

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But the actress had an idea to heat things up. She always wanted people to like her. The one thing that she was rock solid in, with her lack of confidence, she knew that her physicality was pleasing to people, that people liked to look at her, and people liked to look at her body. However, Huston miley not swayed by a naked Nude.

Marilyn Monroe's Never-Before-Seen Nude Calendar Photos Surface After Six Decades

The scene ended up on the cutting room floor. Private collection of Charles Hairy lips beach. He decided not to keep monroe scene in. He used a different take.

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