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Nude on pointe

Pointe shoes and ballet tights traditionally come in three colours: The idea being that tights and shoes should give the illusion of a seamless leg extension—a perfect line.

What "Nude" Ballet Slippers Mean to One Black Ballerina

But not every ballerina was sexcegirls ballet pink from head to toe. In order to achieve that same perfect line, dancers of colour must spend hours colouring their shoes by hand with makeup or messy dies.

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The American pointe shoe and accessory company announced on Facebook that they are releasing two new base colours of pointe shoes: Espresso and Cappuccino. The feedback from dancers will warm your heart. Soon, our shoes will be available in Espresso pictured and a lighter color, Cappucino. Stay tuned, more info to come!

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Now—because the color of my Gaynors compliments my skin tone—I no longer have to dye my shoes.