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A driver has been sentenced trucker 20 years in prison for rear-ending a stopped school bus with children on board. Shannon Ford was driving an unloaded log truck with his wife in the cab when he failed to brake and hit a school bus with 15 students on board.

Trucker Gets 20 Years For Hitting School Bus With Naked Wife In Cab

The bus was stopped, it had the stop arm extended, and its lights were flashing. Ford was charged with four counts of reckless driving with serious bodily injury and pled whendys girl naked contest to the charges. Trucker highway patrol officer who had conducted an inspection on the truck the day of the accident testified that eight of the 10 brakes on the truck were defective and that it was dangerous for the truck to be on the road.

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The testimony did not appear nude sway nude judge however, who also heard from the driver of the school bus and the families of the children banglasexonline were injured. The emotional testimonies recounted how close the families came to losing their children and the dreams which a few will have to give up.

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The mother of one small boy told the court that her son who suffered from an open skull fracture would no longer be able to play football or join the Marine Corps. Ford received a sentence of 5 years for each of the four counts of reckless driving with serious bodily injury, each count to be served consecutively.

By Samuel Barradas.

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Why didnt the officer take this rig out of service? I hope he is held accountable as well as the women company and the driver.

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All of them failed to do their job correctly! He did the inspection the day of the women. Let me explain.