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Nude wax play

BDSM Wax Play In Ritual – Occult Kitten

This is a common BDSM technique worked with in play sessions. I am going to cover some of the basics of this form of play then discuss it in ritual. This is one of the easiest forms of being kinky. Some places should not have pooling or large amounts of hot wax filling them or dripping into them as it can cause painful burning.

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One of those is the belly button and the other is the vagina or anus. Those body parts should not be filled or closed with hot wax.

Nude play is not safe for above the neck and not on the face in any form. As this can cause serious burns. Blacks naked pics regards to what candles are safe,the best ones are cheap paraffin based candles.

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Avoid beeswax candles ,scented or perfumed candles burn at a high tempeture and can cause severe wax. Feathers,fingers or soft caresses can be a sensual experience in a session.

This is a form of fire play so use care with use of candles. How can this be added into ritual?