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Nudity in kinsey

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December 2, Filed under Archives. Alfred Kinsey turned society on its head in when he released his book entitled Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. His book revealed the results of his studies in human sexual kinsey. His research was conducted by having one-on-one, intimate discussions with thousands of subjects.

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There are many instances of explicit nudity and sex. But necessary? Comic relief came from the redundant use of shock humor. This film takes that concept one step further during a nudity in which a lady who had to be at least 70 years old is masturbating.

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In one scene Kinsey has kinsey homosexual affair with one of his assistants, played by Peter Sarsgaard. During the scene, the audience gets to see a full frontal nude shot of Sargaard.


Definitely not your average nudity, Kinsey shines a spotlight on a man that most of us would not have heard of otherwise. Check it out for the nudity if for nothing else.

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