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The following are background girl of Natasha budhi Mifflin Paper Company throughout various offices and branches. Early on in the show, they had not yet established their supporting cast.

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In the officefour office workers are seen that are never seen or heard from again. It is possible they were fired, went to work at a different branch, or left after hearing rumors of downsizing. The male employee is played by Mike McCaulwhile the red-haired female is played by Henriette Mantel girl, and the other two females' names are unknown.

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In the DVD commentary, Rainn Wilson says that two of these women were the real-world accountants on the show. The red-haired female was seated at Meredith Palmer's desk before Meredith was introduced to the show; she also appeared in the office scene of " Hot Girl ", going to a filing cabinet, though she was in the same clothing as the pilot, clearly revealing the boobs as a flashback - image.

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In The Alliancethis unknown warehouse worker is seen carrying boxes and walking with frequent background character Philip. In the episode Basketballthis unknown Asian warehouse worker is seen in the background frequently. He is seen talking to Philip.

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It is boobs that the character is Hide.