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TOO much booze, not enough food and the chance to let your hair down with the boss is risky combination at work Anal plug gallery parties.

Festive nudists: “There’ll be naked Twister at our office party”

And these women reveal just how embarrassing nights out with colleagues can get. As the Christmas party season gets into full swing, three brave women reveal cringe-worthy escapades, including sleeping with office student, getting locked out of a hotel room in their bra and knickers and ending up with their face in their manager's crotch.

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Melissa Summerfield, 40, from High Wycombe is a mum of one who works in accounts admin for a construction company. Melissa says: He was a party out of college working in his first job, and I was in my early thirties and dismissed it as naked crush and nothing more.

At our office Christmas do there was a free bar.

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Everyone was trollied on the free wine - including me - and we started chatting. After after I'd had several Baileys we went outside and had a snog. He asked me to go back to his place.

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On the way I got naked in his car. He was terrified of being pulled over by the police. In my drunken state I thought it was hilarious.