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Oral sex animals

Wendy Stokes.

Non-reproductive sexual behavior in animals

A recent study of fruit bats found nudebigtitmom to be a major part of their repertoire. While following animals colony of bats roosting in a fig tree over the course of 13 months, researchers witnessed 57 incidences of sex — both oral and intercourse.

The female bats who received oral sex before intercourse were found to last longer during copulation. Imagine that.

Brown Bears Caught Performing Oral Sex

Oh, the power of foreplay. When they gently touched females with their wings, females sex moved away, and males followed. I have to stop because this bat porn is getting way erotic. All those wild roostings in the fig tree are making me blush. Male bats have officially earned their stripes as the most giving dudes in the animal kingdom.

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Click through for some more animals who are known to be orally inclined. This aquarium walrus was caught on film hoovering himself in his tank. What a little exhibitionist! Bonobos are the most oral open-minded members of the animal kingdom.