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Oral sex instruction

How To Perform Fellatio

Want to drive him crazy? Want him to drive you crazy? Going south is a mainstay for some, a rare special occasion for others — but when you are going at it, following the right steps can take oral sex from hot to mind-blowing. First of all, stop thinking of it as a job.

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Going down on your partner — or having them go down on you — can lead to the most explosive orgasms either of you has ever had. For many of us, there's no bigger turn-on instruction or feeling of empowerment sex than oral solely in control of someone else's pleasure.

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In your own words, tell forced son sex man that it's ' blowjob time' and you expect nothing in return. You can use this information to tease him with a suggestive text or phone call earlier in the day.

How To Give Directions During Oral Sex: Because Everyone Needs a Little Help

Then when the time comes, use only your tongue. Don't incorporate hands yet. Tease him into full arousal, and if he's already aroused, make him want it even more," says Drake.

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