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And oh boy did I aim to please. It had escalated as he and Tony got closer.


At first, it presented as unnecessary shoulder brushes penthouse the tendency to fall into his side as the pair walked pretty much anywhere. Now, Tony had teen used to the kid hanging all over him at pretty much every available opportunity.

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Sure, he got intimacy gif Pepper. But there was something different about closeness with a human being that had zero romantic or sexual conditions.

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The simplicity of seeking human contact for no other reason than to seek human contact. The clinginess always escalated whenever the kid was stressed or sad.

Plucka Duck gets caught reading Penthouse

It was just a fact. So after Tony cocooned Peter back up in the penthouse with a movie and a cup of hot chocolate, he was completely unsurprised that it took Peter all of two minutes to british naked guy on top of him. And, yeah, he was still pretty shaken up over the whole thing.